Care and Maintenance

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Instructions and links to proper care and maintenance of various materials in the marine world.

The Basics

IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate #401 is formulated with a unique blend of surfactants to create its highly polished appearance. Its non-streaking, non-spotting formulation rinses clear and decreases drying time. IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate avoids the use of harsh alkalies, acids and abrasives so it protects durable polishes while thoroughly cleaning.
IMAR Yacht Polish #402 is formulated with a unique blend of polymers to clean, polish, shine and protect fiberglass, gel coats, metal, paint and other marine environment hard surfaces. IMAR Yacht Polish safely removes light oxidation and other common marine environment marks and stains while the molecular bonding and UV inhibitors create a protective barrier virtually impervious to further UV damage, soil, black scuffs, insect dropping, mildew and other stains.
IMAR Yacht Clean & Shine #403 is formulated specifically to enhance the shine and give a “wet look” depth to durable polishes while removing minor soil, oil film and dust on Yachts and other application in the demanding marine environment. This unique formulation includes anti-static properties to repel dust. Exterior or interior IMAR Yacht Clean & Shine maintains a showroom finish with minimal effort.

Care and Maintenance

Everyone who owns a boat needs to clean fiberglass, gel coats and other hard surfaces on the boat. We recommend a three step process.

1. Start with our biodegradable IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate #401 to wash dirt and environmental pollutants away.

  1. Flush wash area with water to cool the surface and rinse away any salt and other environmental abrasives.
  2. Add 3 ounces of soap concentrate for every gallon of water being used.
  3. Apply soapy mixture to cooled surface. When cleaning clear vinyl use a soft washing mitt or cloth.
  4. Rinse away soap and dry allow surface to dry. A high quality chamois or silicone squeegee can be used to dry clear vinyl.

2. After cleaning, polish the surface with IMAR Yacht Polish #402 chosen by Practical Sailor as the 2010 Best Choice in polish to shine and protect.

  1. Apply with circular motions using a soft cotton cloth, polish applicator or electric buffer.
  2. Allow polish to dry to a haze and then remove with a clean soft cotton cloth or buffer. If this is the first time polish is being applied to the surface we recommend two coats to really bring out the shine and give lasting protection.

3. Because you will only want to wash and polish your boat every 6-8 weeks (or possibly longer), we recommend the use of IMAR Yacht Clean & Shine #403. Simply spray a 3 foot by 3 foot area with product and buff with a cotton cloth or microfiber cloth until dry. This is a detailing spray that will quickly and easily remove minor soil, oil film and dust while leaving behind a glossy wet-look to the surface. The anti-static formulation will help to repel dirt from the surface. Yacht Clean and Shine is gentle and appropriate for almost all hard surfaces (exterior or interior of the boat) but it is recommended to test in an inconspicuous location first.