Specialty Products


IMAR Yacht Metals Protective Polish #503 is formulated to clean polish and protect all metals in the marine environment keeping it looking new. For beauty today and protection tomorrow, there is none better.
IMAR Yacht Fresh #504 is a pioneering formulation that refreshes the air by absorbing unpleasant odors. Our uncompromised insistence on application results and continual research assure the superiority of the premium product. IMAR Yacht Fresh has repetitively proven its effectiveness when applied to deck mats, carpet, draperies, pet sleeping areas, AC & heater vents, bilges, engine rooms, closets, and many more locations. The choice is simple. Continue spending money for expensive advertising of products that change but never improve; or, get IMAR Yacht Fresh, the one that works.
IMAR Black Streak Eliminator #701 combines UV protective agents and life extending lubricants in a unique formulation to provide the ultimate vinyl and rubber protection for your yacht. The non-oily treatment restores and enhances the luster of vinyl and rubber and will neither crack nor discolor as it dries to a transparent, flexible, protective coating. For use on inflatables, vinyl tops and upholstery, power cords, fenders and other hard-use vinyl and rubber items to keep the factory-new look.
IMAR Professional Grade Glass Polish #1001 is formulated to remove dirt and oxidation from glass surfaces.  It will remove water spots and leave behind a high glossy wet look.
Care and Maintenance

IMAR Yacht Metals Protective Polish #503 can be used on all metals. The IMAR Yacht Clean & Shine can also be used on a daily basis on metals, in between the times that you polish.

  1. Polish can be applied by hand using a soft cloth or polishing pad, or by mechanical buffer
  2. Permit polish to dry to a haze
  3. Remove with soft cloth or clean polishing pad

IMAR Yacht Fresh #504 eliminates odors leaving behind a fresh smell. It can be used on deck mats, carpets, draperies, pet sleeping areas, AC and heater vents, bilges, engine rooms and closets. It should not be used on leather, vinyl or pets.

  1. Shake well before each use
  2. Spray into or on odor affected area
  3. Repeat as needed

IMAR Black Streak Eliminator #701 will not remove durable polishes and is safe to use on fiberglass, metal and paint.

  1. Spray product to the surface being cleaned. To avoid leaving streaks created by the cleaner spray from the bottom to the top.
  2. Let area soak for 5-10 minutes. Then wipe or brush clean.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water
  4. If any part of the black streak remains, steps 1-3 can be repeated.

IMAR Professional Grade Glass Polish #1001 deep cleans glass removing water spots leaving behind a glossy window. It is not recommended for plastic, coated or painted surfaces.

  1. Clean and dry the glass to be polished
  2. Apply polish by hand or mechanical buffer
  3. Allow polish to haze and then remove with a soft cotton cloth