Strataglass™ and other clear vinyl


Products for Strataglass™ and other clear vinyl.

IMAR Strataglass™ Protective Cleaner (#301) is uniquely formulated to clean, shine and protect Strataglass™ and other clear vinyl safely and effectively. With UV protection to enhance flexibility and an anti-static formulation to help repel dirt from the surface this product can be used daily, removing finger prints and other dirt to keep clear vinyl shining like new. (Use in between applications of IMAR #302)

IMAR Strataglass™ Protective Cleaner #301

IMAR Strataglass™ Protective Polish (#302) is formulated to safely clean, polish and protect Strataglass™ and other clear vinyl safely and effectively. This polymer product molecularly bonds to the clear vinyl creating a nearly invincible protective barrier against the damaging effects of marine environment pollutants. (Use after IMAR #401 and before IMAR #301)

IMAR Strataglass™ Protective Polish #302

Care and Maintenance

Strataglass™, Inc. manufacturers a premium clear vinyl called Strataglass™. Strataglass™ has a scratch resistant coating that gives it superior clarity when cared for properly. IMAR Products, LLC (formerly Integrated Logistics, Inc.) worked with Strataglass, Inc. to create products that clean and maintain Strataglass’ clarity without harming the scratch resistant coating. In fact, IMAR Strataglass™ products molecularly bond with the clear vinyl to create a nearly invincible protective barrier that will defeat age induced brittleness (UV protection), promote continued flexibility and give a superior shine to all clear vinyl without fear of harsh abrasives that can dull clear vinyl over time.

To Clean:

  1. Thoroughly flush the surface to rinse away environmental abrasives and to cool.
  2. Wash with IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate #401 (every time you wash your boat you should wash your clear vinyl). Apply the soapy water to the clear vinyl section of the curtain. Thoroughly rinse and then dry surface.
  3. Apply IMAR Strataglass™ Protective Polish #302 with small, circular motions using a soft cotton cloth. Allow the polish to dry and then remove with a clean cotton cloth. Buff to a shine.
  4. For routine maintenance in between polishing, use IMAR Strataglass™ Protective Cleaner #301. Insure the clear vinyl panels are free of abrasives. Lightly mist the cleaner onto a cotton cloth and briskly wipe a manageable sized area. We recommend using IMAR Strataglass™ Protective Cleaner weekly, but it is so fast and easy to use you may want to do it daily. You will love the shine.