Vinyl and Rubber Cleaners

The IMAR Multi-purpose Marine Cleaner #501 will penetrate, emulsify and lift away multiple layers of grime, soil and mildew. It gives concentrated cleaning power for inflatables, vinyl tops and upholstery, power cords, fenders, cockpit decks and other tough jobs. It is a non-caustic heavy-duty cleaner that really works. (This product is packaged full strength. You may need to dilute cleaner before using. Test on a small surface and flush well with water after cleaning.)
After cleaning your vinyl or rubber items protect them with IMAR Vinyl and Rubber Protectant #502. This protectant combines UV protective agents, plasticizers and life extending lubricants in a unique formulation to provide the ultimate vinyl and rubber protection. The non-oily treatment restores and enhances the luster of vinyl and rubber and dries to a transparent flexible, protective coating.
Cleaning Instructions

IMAR Multi-Purpose Marine Cleaner #501 is packaged full strength in the bottle. It can be diluted as much as 1 part cleaner to 20 parts water depending on the area to be cleaned. Once you have determined the strength you desire apply to the surface being cleaned. For heavily soiled areas the cleaner can sit up to 5 minutes on the surface and a stiff bristle brush can be used. (always use in a non- conspicuous location to determine if leaving the product or a brush will cause harm to the surface.) Once area is cleaned either flush area with clean water (outside) or wipe surface clean (inside) as location of surface may dictate. Once dry, follow with IMAR Vinyl and Rubber Protectant.

IMAR Rubber and Vinyl Protectant #502 will restore luster and extend the life of vinyl and rubber surfaces. Simply spray surface of vinyl or rubber that has just been cleaned and apply with a soft cloth or sponge. Allow surface to dry before using. Be sure surface is clean before applying protectant as product will bond to the surface trapping any dirt that has not been properly removed first.